Conveyer: Coming to a European Stage Near You

The New Year is set to begin with a bang as Nu-Metal heroes HED PE embark on a lengthy European tour which includes a massive 22 dates on UK soil.
To make this tour even better, the special guest support slot has been filled by US melodic hardcore quintet Conveyer, who in 2017 released their brilliant third record ‘No Future’ via the renowned record label Victory.
This is sure to be an incredible tour, so HFTB got in touch with Conveyer’s drummer John Gaskill to find out what we can expect when he and his chaotic crew take to European stages.

HFTB: How did Conveyer manage to get this support slot, bearing in mind that you and HED PE play contrasting styles of music?

John: “We’ve been working with the Alexi Booking Agency trying to find a bill that would work for us to be on to finally get over to Europe, and they pitched us the idea to see if we wanted to be a part of the HED PE tour. It’ll be a unique one for sure. It’s an opportunity to not only do Europe but also to do it with a band that brings out a different audience to what we typically play in front of; it gives us that chance to really expand our reach.”

HFTB: Has Conveyer been over to Europe before?

John: “Years back I was in a band called Life In Your Way and we toured Europe but for Conveyer, this is our first European tour and we’re really really excited about it and we’re thankful for the opportunity.”

HFTB: What can fans expect from a Conveyer live show?

John: “In the hardcore scene you don’t see a lot of investment into the live shows, so for us that raw live performance is definitely where we land, so to do a tour that isn’t putting us on humongous stages, in situations where maybe we wouldn’t thrive as much, I think it’s going to be a good fit for us to be able to play to some good crowds, but not in spaces that will create a huge separation between us and the crowd.

One of the cool things about hardcore is that there’s no line between the crowd and the band on stage- it becomes this big group after the same thing, so hopefully we can show them what we’re all about. We don’t really know what to expect because it’s our first time in Europe, and also on a tour that’s a step outside of our normal genre, but we’re really excited about it; we’re looking forward to hopefully winning some people over and we’re just going to do what we do.”

HFTB: Will most of the setlist consist of songs from the latest record ‘No Future’?

John: “Most of what we’re playing is from ‘No Future’ but we’re still playing a few songs from ‘When Given Time to Grow’ (released in 2015). I think the typical thing for bands to do is to play stuff from the recent release and that’s definitely our focus, not only because we want people to hear the album and get into the newest record, but for us it’s our favourite stuff to play. ‘We’re happy with how the record turned out and we think the songs are strong and a step forward from the last record.”

HFTB: What has been the overall reaction to ‘No Future’ since its release?

John: “It’s been good…we went through a little transition with some member changes and stuff, and I don’t think we’ve quite given it the touring support that we wanted when it was first released. We’ve got a solid reaction from people as far as to what they think of the record.

We’re working with a new Booking Agency in the US called State of Mind and we’re hoping we’ll see increased opportunities to play in front of new people and tour with some bands that you may not expect us to tour with.”

HFTB: Do you think there has been a rejuvenation in the hardcore scene over the last couple of years after seemingly taking somewhat of a back seat- especially in the US?

John: “I think we’re still kind of in that back seat. Right now in the US, when it comes to hardcore music there’s such a rejuvenation of early 2000s influenced metalcore, so bands like us who are still on the melodic side- we’re kind of starting to become few and far between in a way.

There’s some great melodic hardcore bands still going in the US but right now the big draw is the really heavy stuff. A few years back melodic hardcore was doing really well but right now I feel it’s in a little bit of a lull; but that’s what happens in music- there’s always those ups and downs. Right now it’s that early 2000s metalcore sound that’s big in the hardcore scene, and I’m sure in a few years something else will come back.

We just want to make the music that we love and that we believe in, hopefully people will back it whether it’s the ‘IT’ thing right now or not.”

During our chat, John emphasised on more than one occasion how excited the whole band are to be coming over to Europe and we think you’re going to be in for one hell of a show, with the fast and frantic punk rock energy that Conveyer provide and the rapcore and reggae stylings of HED PE- this is a tour where different worlds collide to give you a unique live experience.

Go and check out a show on any of the below dates and then prepare to get your ears assaulted and your armpits a little sweaty. It’ll be worth it.

NOTE- As the tour poster says, Conveyer are NOT performing on the Ukraine and Russia dates.


Conveyer is- Daniel Adams (Vocals), Walter Johnson (Guitar), Jared Evangelista (Guitar), Jake Smith (Bass), John Gaskill (Drums)

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