Dopesick: an Exclusive Interview

Dopesick is the brainchild of Adam Albright, formerly of the metal band Skinlab and also the ex-guitarist in Sebastian Bach’s band, and despite coming together nearly two decades ago, it’s only been the last couple of years where his project has finally become more of a full-time thing.

Releasing the EP ‘The Love and Terror Cult’ earlier in the year, it contained three dark and at times unnerving instrumentals as well as the anthems ‘Ride the Night’ and ‘Release Me’- featuring guest vocals from HED PE’s Jahred and Ill Nino’s Cristian Machado respectively.

Adam discusses Dopesick’s origins, the rather intriguing EP, and the upcoming 2018 debut full-length record.

Let’s ride the night away…


How did Dopesick originally start?

“Dopesick originally started after I left Skinlab. I got home from Prison in January ’98 and I had the ideas and started writing stuff. Obviously lots went on between now and then but that’s when and how it came about.

I wasn’t really into metal like the other guys in Skinlab, so I knew I wanted to do something different. I got out in January and went on tour with Skinlab, HED PE and Stuck Mojo, then I think I quit 2 months into that tour, came home and started doing Dopesick.

There is another Dopesick EP out there somewhere called ‘Vendetta’ that has ‘Angel Down’ on it- the song I did with Sebastian Bach; and he took it for his solo record. So I’ve been doing Dopesick a long time…just had a lot of breaks in there, but now I’m full on doing this- it’s what makes me happy, and sad sometimes (laughs), but I’m cool right now.”

On ‘The Love and Terror Cult’, you had Jahred from HED PE and Cristian from Ill Nino provide guest vocals for ‘Ride the Night’ and ‘Release Me’ respectively- how did you get these guys on board?

“Money, haha! I’ve known Jahred since that first Skinlab tour and I really like his style and his voice; it sounds like it’s coming off the CD at you, I’ve always wanted to work with him.

I got to know Cristian through Dave Chavarri- my manager and the drummer in Ill Nino). Cristian picked a song I was gonna dump and took it and made it breathe a new way. I learned A LOT from working with both of these guys but I worked with Cristian a few times at my home and in the studio, so we got to hang out, smoke out a little bit and see how he works. I really like him, he’s a cool, nice human being.”

‘Aug 1969’ is an instrumental that also includes Charles Manson news recordings in it- what lead to incorporating these into the track?

“A lot of stuff you hear now just sounds the same, so I wanted to break it up and play what I wanted to play; hopefully people get that. I wanna make a good and interesting record to listen to, to make you wanna think or feel a little bit if I can.

The Manson stuff came from the title of the record and I was living close to where all that shit happened when I was working on this EP. I would drive to all the sites of the murders, and just the history of that is part of Hollywood, and that was where this EP came to life.

I don’t condone what he did but since I was a little kid, he was on TV and all these stories- he’s like a real life boogeyman, so it caught my interest of how someone can control people’s minds like that. That’s heavy stuff.”

The music videos are another great insight into both yourself and Dopesick, so do you feel it’s important to be as creative visually as on record?

“The videos are important now I think. People listen with their eyes a lot, so I can make a cool visual to go with the music- it makes it more dimensional. I like making videos!”

What has been the overall reaction to the EP?

“It’s been good. Not everyone is gonna like what you do but you gotta do what makes you happy, so that’s what I do. One person did say they would never ever listen to this again, but I’ve sold a few and got more good responses than bad.”

Can you tell us more about the next record?

“I’ve got a singer now- Jonathan Russell, and we’re working on the follow-up full-length right now. It should be out in Spring 2018, called ‘A Violent Happy Place’.

My main trip was finding a singer who can do all different styles I wanna do and mash them together. Some guys could do the heavy stuff but Jon can do whatever we wanna do, so I’m really stoked to have him in the band. We went through 4 or 5 drummers so far on this record but I think we’ve found somebody, the same with bass, and I’ll introduce them soon.

The record will have vocals on everything, and we might do an instrumental track but I’m not sure yet. We have a couple of cool things gonna happen on this, maybe a guest or two. We actually go in this weekend to do more vocals. The record will have 10 or 12 songs on it, coming out on the EMP Label.”

Will there be a new single and video released before the record drops?

“We are gonna put out a song and video before the record comes out for sure. Hopefully late January/early February we can get it out. We are also trying to book a small run of shows to coincide with that.”

Finally, why should people go and check out Dopesick?

“If you wanna have fun, get some aggression out and watch a fucking spectacle- you should come see Dopesick. You may never get to see us again!”


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‘The Love and Terror Cult’ is available now on all digital platforms, and physical copies of the EP can be purchased at

For more information, head on over to Dopesick’s official Facebook page at

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