HFTB Revisits: Dry Kill Logic

Here, we take a look at back at the great Dry Kill Logic, who released three strong albums before disbanding, but while they were around, they brought some excellent metal to the Nu Metal scene.

Hinge formed in 1995 out of Westchester County, releasing two EP’s (‘Cause Moshing is Good Fun’ and ‘Elemental Evil’) and opening shows for System of a Down and Coal Chamber; before signing to Roadrunner Records.


Due to a recording studio already owning the copyright to the name “Hinge”, Dry Kill Logic was born not long after signing their major label deal, and by the summer of 2001 the quartet had released their first record ‘The Darker Side of Nonsense’.

The visceral vocal growls of Cliff Rigano was backed up by punishing metallic fury from the guitar and bass work of Scott Thompson and Dave Kowatch respectively, while Phil Arcuri’s huge drum sections rounded off a devastating addition to the nu metal scene, as Dry Kill Logic earned exposure from the single ‘Nightmare’ and the album track ‘Give Up, Give In, Lie Down’- which featured Primer 55 duo J-Sin and Bobby Burns.

Global tours followed with fellow label-mates Ill Nino and Spineshank, as well as the feisty felines in Kittie; and although ‘The Darker Side…’ went on to sell over 100,000 copies- Dry Kill Logic would split from Roadrunner at the end of 2002 due to the label reportedly wanting a more commercial sound for the band’s next record.

album 1.jpg

Via Psychodrama Music Group, ‘The Dead and Dreaming’ followed in 2004 and it was led by the colossal single ‘Paper Tiger’, which mixed heavy groove-laden metal with an incredibly catchy chorus. The album appeared to be going into metalcore territory which Killswitch Engage and Trivium were bringing firmly into the public eye; although DKL continued touring with nu metal bands such as HED PE, Drowning Pool and Fear Factory.

A third album again settled in metalcore waters as 2006 effort ‘Of Vengeance and Violence’ maintained the shift away from nu metal, but this was to be Dry Kill Logic’s last release as a period of inactivity pretty much confirmed the band were no longer together.

Album 2.jpg

(Main Era Line-Up):

Cliff Rigano (Vocals), Scott Thompson (Guitar), Dave Kowatch (Bass), Phil Arcuri (Drums)

Killer Cuts- ‘Nightmare’, ‘Paper Tiger’

Head For The Barricade