Discrepancies Drop Thought-Provoking Video for 'Not Alone'

Previous special guests on the HFTB podcast, St. Louis rap rockers Discrepancies have dropped a fantastic new video for their track ‘Not Alone’, which is taken from the band’s incredible 2017 album ‘The Awakening’.

Having already released some eye-catchin videos for other songs on the album such as ‘Art of War’, ‘Rock the Show’ and ‘Get Hype’, the final promo from their latest record focuses on the powerful subject of depression, as Discrepancies’ lead vocalist Antonio '“ATG'“ Metcalf explains:

“Not only did I personally pull from my own experience with depression, I also studied how it affects others. We really wanted to capture what depression feels like when you’re at your lowest and somehow put that into words. The goal is to raise awareness so others who deal with their own issues know that there is hope and they are not alone.”

Discrepancies (L-R)- Addison Bracher (guitar, vocals), Garrett Weakley (bass), Antonio “ATG” Metcalf (vocals), Zach Allard (drums)

Discrepancies (L-R)- Addison Bracher (guitar, vocals), Garrett Weakley (bass), Antonio “ATG” Metcalf (vocals), Zach Allard (drums)

The video also gives a visual reinforcement of Discrepancies’ powerful vocal duo of Metcalf and Addison Bracher, who combine together effortlessly with clean singing and rapping, and the huge chorus has already struck a chord with many listeners.

Discrepancies are currently working on new material to follow up ‘The Awakening’, which is out now through InVogue Records on CD and via all good streaming devices, having already earned themselves a dedicated fanbase with some high quality rap rock, bringing them many new fans from within the resurging nu metal scene; so much so that they were even included in Matt Karpe’s ‘Nu Metal: Resurgence’ book which is out now on Amazon.

For more information on the band, visit www.discrepanciesmusic.com.

The video for ‘Not Alone’ can be viewed below.

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