Blacklite District: Doing Things Their Own Way

From Spearfish, South Dakota, Blacklite District may have been going for a few years now but it's only in the last two years that the band have really started making a stir.

Although their single 'With Me Now' claimed top spot on SiriusXM's Octane Chart for five straight weeks when it was released off of their debut album 'Worldwide Controversy' back in 2013, Kyle Pfeiffer and Roman James came to a point where- like a later tracks' lyrics suggested, the struggle seemed very real.

Releasing their second album 'To Whom It May Concern' in 2016 after a short hiatus, the duo effectively started again, and with some driving hard rock mixed with electronics, synth and hip-hop; Blacklite District came roaring back with explosive tracks such as 'We Are the Danger', 'Broken Souls' and 'The Ghost of You and Me' and from there, things have well and truly taken off.

This might be a story that sounds relatable for many bands that strive to get their name out to the masses, who suffer setback after setback, some ultimately calling it quits before their moment in the sun arrives, but Blacklite District's story is different to most, because pretty much all by themselves, the BLD journey has reached huge heights on the back of music videos uploaded to YouTube with one considerable difference.

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Releasing Minecraft videos that tie in with the songs they accompany, the viewing figures are nothing short of sensational, and if you don't believe the numbers we are about to give you, get on over to YouTube and see for yourself.

Viewing figures for the songs taken from the 'To Whom It May Concern' album are 18 million for 'The Struggle' and 8.4 million for 'We Are the Danger', and this is where it gets really interesting because both videos were only uploaded SIX months ago. Also bear in mind that this band are NOT signed to a major record label, and virtually all promotional work is done by Blacklite District themselves.

If those figures stun you, then wait- there's more.

Within a year of the release of 'To Whom It May Concern', the South Dakotan's returned with a brand new album in the form of 'Instant Gratification', and although their gratifcation hasn't been so instant, the title seemed pretty relevent to what was happening at that specific time.

Another great album that combined the aforementioned styles of its predecessor, it's clear that Blacklite District appeal to a wide variety of music lovers- whether it be rockers, EDM fans, or rap and hip-hop followers.

The brilliant lead single 'Living in a Nightmare' came first, followed by the emphatic 'Cold as Ice', and this is where the band's story reaches its pinnacle (so far).

'Cold as Ice' has over 21 million plays on YouTube courtesy of the Minecraft video. The song has amassed over one million streams on Spotify, made its way onto Octane and climbed the Big Uns' chart, and it got inside the Top 40 of Billboard's Mainstream Rock Chart to give the band their highest charting single to date.

Their latest single 'Goodbye' was only released last week and the video for that one is almost up to two million plays, and previous track 'Just So You Know' is nearly at seven million after only three months of being posted online- which shows that the music industry is indeed changing.

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We had Kyle on the show a couple of months back and he was clearly humbled about the response his band has received over the last year or so, and he also mentioned how potentially, YouTube plays are going to start contributing towards gold and platinum-selling record figures; and if this is to happen, Blacklite District have proven that you don't need major label support anymore because the internet is growing to be just as important a tool that bands can use to make their career a success- by themselves.

Currently on the road with nu metal heroes Flaw which includes a stop at the legendary Whisky a Go-Go in Los Angeles, Blacklite District are thriving right now and their momentum doesn't appear to be dwindling any time soon. They have become both a spearhead and inspiration for new bands coming out that aren't quite sure how to go about things, and whether this new way is just a flash in the pan or not, this marketing tool can be described as nothing short of genius, as the results are there for all to see.

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'Instant Gratification' is available now on Spotify, iTunes and all other streaming platforms.



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