Reviewed: REdEFIND 'Pros and Cons'

This coming weekend, nu metal outfit REdEFIND release their second EP 'Pros and Cons', which follows up their 2016 debut 'Raw'; and HFTB has been lucky enough to receive the EP early.


The quintet from Greenville, South Carolina have already shared stages with the likes of Saliva, HED PE and Mushroomhead, and maybe these experiences have helped because REdEFIND's sophomore effort has the sound of a band that have found and developed their style into something original, instead of many other rap metal bands out there that seem to stick with the same tried and tested formulas.

Kicking off with the forceful 'Look Away' which features Matt Tybor from The Bunny The Bear, the Korn-esque grooves creep along before a catchy chorus kicks in. B Knappy's rap and scream vocals are excellent, as they are throughout the release; in fact he is definitely one to keep an eye on in the future. 

'Keep It Tight' is somewhat of an ode to weed- not a bad thing, especially if you are smoking it while listening to this song, before the much heavier, almost groove metal stomp of 'Other Side' see's another special guest- this time Bret Jorgensen from fellow up-and-comer's Fractured Frames, and he lends his guttural growls on top of some chugging riffs and insanely thunderous drumming.

The lead single 'Tables Turned' comes next (check out the video below), and the dirty down-tuned guitars excel alongside Knappy's visceral and energetic vocals, as the song flits between chaotic fury and tender melodic flurries.

It is however the final salvo of 'Indecisive' and 'Whatcha Gonna Do' where REdEFIND really hit their pinnacle on 'Pros and Cons'. It's also worth mentioning, especially if you don't know the band or its members- there has to be some love for WWE Wrestling somewhere- bearing in mind their first EP was called 'Raw', they had a song called 'Suplex City', and on here there is 'Tables Turned' and (maybe) a tribute of sorts to Hulk Hogan. Maybe that's just my take on things, but if you like WWE too, then perhaps this isn't a coincidence.

Both tracks are more hip-hop orientated where funky basslines lurk underneath, before explosive choruses kick in that are guaranteed to go down a storm in the live environment. Mosh pits will be made when these two songs kick in without a shadow of a doubt. Full of adrenaline, splendid vocals and sonic instrumentation (and some 90s style turntable scratching), 'Indecisive' and 'Whatcha Gonna Do' are the prime examples of REdEFIND at their most cohesive, the latter song of which is so nu metal that it could've easily fitted into the original scene back in the late 90s.

'Pros and Cons' is another strong release from another up-and-coming nu metal-influenced band. There are so many great acts coming out of so many crevices of the US, and REdEFIND deserved to be mentioned alongside the best. Although they are yet to really spread their wings outside of the South Carolina area, it surely won't be long before this five-piece manage to get a support slot that takes them further afield, and with EP number two, they have some extra muscle to take out on the road with them. 

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B Knappy- Vocals

Drucipher- Guitar

Drew Porter- Bass

Dustan Snow- Drums

DJ B.L.- Turntables/Percussion



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