Lethal back in Bizkit


Fans were given an added bonus today, as Limp Bizkit- headlining the Storm the Gates festival in Auckland, New Zealand, took to the stage.

Somehow keeping the unveiling quiet in today’s social media climate, DJ Lethal was welcomed back to the band and performed his legendary turntable talents.   

Breezing through a set list of classic Limp Bizkit material, the crowd were sent into a frenzy- having already enjoyed explosive performances from the likes of Sublime, Suicidal Tendencies and HED PE. 

Lethal has left and returned to Limp Bizkit before, but hopefully this time he stays, as a string of dates will see the once again original line-up go across to Australia, Japan, and then a plethora of European dates in the summer- which will include a show in Amsterdam, where Head for the Barricade will bring you full coverage of the evening’s events.

Also, there might be an even better chance of the band finally completing their long-overdue ‘Stampede of the Disco Elephants’ album which has been in production for the last couple of years. 

Exciting times indeed for Limp Bizkit and their fans.   


Limp Bizkit in 2011, now in 2018 back to their original line-up. 

 Posted on Lethal's official Instagram page

Posted on Lethal's official Instagram page


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