Revisited: Ill Nino 'Revolution Revolucion'

Amongst the slew of nu metal bands coming out at the turn of the new millennium, New Jersey's Ill Nino emerged and brought with them an infectious slab or Latin metal.

Quickly signing to Roadrunner Records, the six-piece ensemble delivered some punishing metal that also contained hugely anthemic choruses, on their debut album 'Revolution Revolucion'- released in September, 2001.

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Produced by the band's drummer Dave Chavarri, here was a 13-track album that featured quality in quantity, and Ill Nino unleashed their debut single 'God Save Us' that received plenty of airplay on the likes of Kerrang! and MTV2; followed by the scintillating number's 'What Comes Around' and 'Unreal'.

Cristian Machado emphasised a sensational vocal range of harsh screams, gutteral growls and soothing harmonies, with further standout moments on the record coming in the forms of 'Nothing's Clear', 'Liar' and the absolutely crushing 'I Am Loco'.

A 2002 re-release would include the bonus track 'Fallen', as well as live cuts of the Soulfly cover 'Eye for an Eye', Ill Nino's very own 'God Save Us', plus Spanish versions of 'What Comes Around' and 'Unreal', and 'Revolution Revolucion' would go on to sell over 350,000 copies in the US alone.

The band supported the album by touring throughout America, Europe and Japan, including the US Road Rage Tour alongside the powerhouse duo of Fear Factory and Machine Head, before guitarist Marc Rizzo and percussionist Roger Vasquez would be replaced by ex-Machine Head axeman Ahrue Luster and Danny Couto (respectively) ahead of recording the excellent second record 'Confession', which was released in 2003.

As with many nu metal bands, Ill Nino were capable of being heavy but firmly accessible, endearing themselves to fans worldwide with a some effortless Latin metal that few have been able to pull off ever since.

 Ill Nino (2001)

Ill Nino (2001)

'Revolution Revolucion' track list-

1. God Save Us 2. If You Still Hate Me 3. Unreal 4. Nothing's Clear 5. What Comes Around 6. Liar 7. Rumba 8. Predisposed 9. I Am Loco 10. No Murder 11. Rip Out Your Eyes 12. Revolution/Revolucion 13. With You

Band Line-Up (2001)

Cristian Machado- Vocals

Jardel Martins Paisante- Guitar

Marc Rizzo- Guitar

Lazaro Pina- Bass

Dave Chavarri- Drums

Roger Vasquez- Percussion

Ill Nino's offical video for 'What Comes Around'


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