Five New Nu Metal Bands You Should Hear Right Now (Part 2)

After our last list of five up-and-coming nu metal bands, check out our next lot of bands who are bringing it back with modern and emphatic twists.

Previous special guests on the show, BackWordz burst onto the scene at the start of 2017 with their colossal debut album 'Veracity'. 'Statism' was one of the standout moments on an 18-track record, so if you like this, you're probably going to find this band becoming one of your favourites very quickly.

Shallow Views released their second EP 'The 718 Mixtape' at the end of last year- showcasing what they call "Ghetto Metal". It's hard to disagree, so check out the video for 'Yuth' and make your own mind up on this fiery band from Brooklyn, New York.

South Carolina mob REdEFIND released their second EP earlier in the month, with 'Tables Turned' being chosen as the lead single from the excellent 'Pros and Cons'. This is rap metal with a hint of metalcore and thrash, and it's pretty damn impressive!

Even though the future seems a little uncertain for Keychain right now, here's their shining moment (so far) with the explosive anthem 'Prime Time'. Taken from their debut EP 'Breaking Out' which was released via Zombie Shark Records, this has everything you want to hear in a typical nu metal track. Sit back and enjoy- it's that simple!

Another killer rap rock outfit from the US, Discrepancies have just re-released their debut album 'The Awakening', so there is no excuse not to go and check it out. Powerful rapping from Antonio Metcalf and backed up by Addison Bracher's cleaner tones, 'Art of War' is the choice cut from a record that has set the St. Louis quartet on the right road to success. HFTB loves them so much- we made them our next special guests on the show!

Enjoy our second instalment of bands, and there'll be more to come very soon!

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