Revisited: Cold '13 Ways to Bleed on Stage

Following up their moody self-titled debut, Jacksonville's Cold returned with their breakthrough album '13 Ways to Bleed on Stage' in September, 2000- released through Flip/Geffen.

Combining alternative metal, hard rock and post-grunge, Cold enlisted Terry Balsamo as a second guitarist- joining Kelly Hayes, Jeremy Marshall, Sam McCandless and Scooter Ward- who had performed guitar duties on the band's first album, yet this time around he decided to focus wholeheartedly on his vocal performance.


With lyrical themes of addiction, relationship troubles and social indifference, Ward's distinctive vocal snarl captured listener's imaginations all around the world, as '13 Ways to Bleed on Stage' hit number one on Billboard's Heatseekers chart, as well as just getting inside the Top 100 of the Billboard 200 (98).

Produced by Adam Kasper, Chris Vrenna, Fred Durst and Jordan Schur (Executive Producer), the pulsating anthems of 'Just Got Wicked', 'No One', 'End of the World' and 'Bleed' were released as singles, and Staind's Aaron Lewis would provide guest vocals on the latter single, as well as the hard-rocking album track 'Send in the Clowns'. Female singer Sierra Swan also contributed- guesting on the grungy duo of 'No One' and 'Witch'.

A bonus acoustic EP accompanied early pressings of the record, and after tours with 3 Doors Down, Marilyn Manson, plus a stint on the Anger Management Tour (with Limp Bizkit and DMX), '13 Ways to Bleed on Stage' would receive gold certification in the US.

 Cold (2000)

Cold (2000)

Giving Cold commercial exposure, the band would continue their rise with third album 'Year of the Spider' in 2003, which debuted at three on the Billboard 200 and spawned the hugely popular songs 'Stupid Girl', Suffocate' and 'Gone Away'; however '13 Ways to Bleed on Stage' saw Cold at their darkest and heaviest- making their sophomore record the most consistent offering from the band to-date.

'13 Ways to Bleed on Stage' Track Listing-

1. Just Got Wicked 2. She Said 3. No One 4. End of the World 5. Confession 6. It's All Good 7. Send in the Clowns 8. Same Drug 9. Anti-Love Song 10. Witch 11. Sick of Man 12. Outerspace 13. Bleed (later known as 'Thirteen' after 9/11)

Band Line-Up:

Scooter Ward (vocals), Kelly Hayes (guitar), Terry Balsamo (guitar), Jeremy Marshall (bass) Sam McCandless (drums)

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