Dirty Machine to release brand new single in May

Fresh from their pulsating 2017 debut album ‘Discord’, LA rap metal crew Dirty Machine have announced the release of a brand new single, titled ‘Further from You’- coming May 18th. 


Produced by the legendary Ulrich Wild (Deftones, Taproot, Static-X, Limp Bizkit), ‘Further from You’ see’s Dirty Machine attempting to make a play for radio dominance, with a ballad of sorts that fuses groovy guitars, powerhouse drumming and the customary mix of rap and clean singing vocals- all joined together with a catchy singalong chorus.  

Previously a special guest on Head for the Barricade, rap vocalist David Leach said of the new single,  “We have a feeling it’s gonna be the next ‘In the End’. As we all know what ‘In the End’ did for Linkin Park, we gotta step out of our comfort zones, and we wrote our new song and pitched it to Ulrich Wild, and he said come on in. He’s right up there with Ross Robinson and all those guys.”

Summing up the new track, Leach said “It’s gonna blow everybody away. I can’t give too much away but it’s very ‘In the End’ by Linkin Park.”

’Further from You’ can be pre-ordered on iTunes ahead of the May 18th release date, but to keep you going for now, revisit their debut album ‘Discord’ which was came out last year via Zombie Shark Records, where the nu metal anthems 'Seeds', 'Built' and 'Victory' stole the show.



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