Reviewed: DS8 'Finally!'

After many line-up changes and a fair amount of inconsistency, Devilsent8 (DS8 as they are more commonly known) have finally put out their first CD- titled 'Finally!'.

The Portland crew consider this somewhat of a demo, with four tracks that feature guest vocalists and musicians on songs that have been recorded over the last year or more; but still 'Finally!' gives listeners the perfect introduction to the rap metal band, another of which are taking their nu metal influences and giving things a contemporary twist.

 CD's available from the band, hit them up on the links below.

CD's available from the band, hit them up on the links below.

If you like Hed PE, Stuck Mojo, ICP. and Twiztid.. you get the idea, then DS8 are worth checking out as they combine some fiery screams on top of some heavily groovy instrumentation. The rapping is top notch, and with a plethora of bands coming out who also try the rap/scream vocal combination, DS8 are as good as anyone else in this chosen resurging scene.

'Killing Spree' is the ideal opener, showcasing all that DS8 are capable of, with an energetic suckerpunch of a roof-raising chorus; as does 'Where Were You' which is probably the standout track of the four. 'Deton8' is another heavy stomp of rap metal, before the softer funk of 'Sweet Mary Jane' (bet you can't guess what this one's about) shows another side to the band- definitely bringing Hed PE to mind with its reggae/ska feel and hugely addictive bass lines. It's also worth mentioning that there is a horrorcore feel too, with some sinister and dark mouldings that will only enhance the DS8's likeability.

'Finally!' is in many ways exactly what the band described- a demo, but it's a good way to get some music out to people who are waiting to see and hear what the buzz is all about. A decent production but nothing glamorous, you can tell that DS8 are slowly building their foundations before completely letting loose and showing us what, with time and experience, they are really capable of.

This is a promising EP and you can tell what kind of vibe they are going for, but wait until the next DS8 release when, and we are absolutely sure of this, the real DS8 will stand up and deliver their own take on the revitalised nu metal scene- and what follows will see all their efforts completely validated.

'Finally!' Track List-

1. Killing Spree 2. Where We You 3. Deton8 4. Sweet Mary Jane

Band Line-Up (Current)

KnockTurnal- Vocals

Billy Hemenway- Rhythm Guitar

Dr. Von Clausen- Bass

Huwy- Drums

The band are currently looking for a LEAD GUITARIST, so hit them up if you like what you hear and want to audition. Honorary members of DS8 include NataS, Cricket Cricket, Grinchmobb.

DS8 have already shared stages with the likes of Hed PE, ICP, Twiztid, Crazy Town and Mushroomhead.

For more information on DS8, or to pick up one of their CD's, visit or