Reviewed: Sixth Extinction ‘X and Why?’

‘X and Why?’ is the debut full-length from Irish quintet Sixth Extinction, who are a groove/nu metal-influenced band that rely on unrelenting power. 


Citing the likes of Soil, Godsmack, Korn and Pantera as major inspirations, some of these are more prominent than others on a 10-track album that clocks in at the 32-minute mark. 

The first thing you notice is the feisty production, credited to Tue Madsen who has worked with metal heavyweights Meshuggah, Mnemic and Ektomorf; and although Sixth Extinction are unsigned, there is clearly something about this five-piece that endeared them to a fairly high-profile producer. 

Barely pausing for breath, ‘X and Why?’ goes for the jugular from the opening romp of ‘Exit Stance’ to the grungy closer ‘Sunken Axe’, all the while reeling off pummelling riffs, meaty hooks and a huge amount of groove. 

Vocalist Liam Ryan has that Ryan McCombs throaty snarl in his voice- bringing to mind the Soil frontman on many an occasion; sometimes slightly over-forceful, but all the while commanding. 

’Rebel Stuck on Pause’ and ‘Your Gallows Awaits’ have the two mightiest choruses and hugest melodies, ‘Nectar of the Gods’ verges on death metal and contains an earth-shattering drum section, and the likes of ‘Bury You All’ and ‘Dare Hollow Skulls’ demand you raise your fists in the air and have a good time.

Nu metal elements occasionally come through but generally this is groove metal with some southern swagger, with ‘X and Why?’ being a decent introduction to a band that are looking to spread their wings and make their own indent on the metal world.  

‘X and Why?’ Track List- 

1. Exit Stance 2. Bury You All 3. Dare Hollow Skulls 4. Fistfull of Vengeance 5. Rebel Stuck on Pause 6. Nectar of the Gods 7. What Eats Inside 8. Distorted Faith 9. Your Gallows Awaits 10. Sunken Axe  

Sixth Extinction are- 

Liam Ryan (vocals) Wojtek Orlik (guitar) Dave Fogarty (guitar) Lukasz Ryz (bass) Grzegorz Skowronski (drums)