Revisited: Godhead '2000 Years of Human Error'

Another set of spooky beings to come out at the height of the nu metal craze, Godhead had already released three albums before their major breakthrough took place.

The Washington D.C. quartet became the first (and only) band to sign to Marilyn Manson's ill-fated Posthuman Records, and released '2000 Years of Human Error' on January 23, 2001. Containing industrial grooves on top of some alternative and gothic-sounding metal prowess, '2000 Years...' included remastered versions of selected tracks from their previous record 'Power Tool Stigmata', as well as newer and catchier anthems that easily suited the mainstream.

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Produced by Danny Saber and Mr. Manson, lead tracks included the first single 'The Reckoning' and a darkened rendition of the Beatles classic 'Eleanor Rigby', which maybe unsurprisingly gained strong rotation on Kerrang! TV in the UK. Album track 'Penetrate' found its way onto the star-studded Queen of the Damned movie soundtrack, Manson himself guested on 'Break You Down' and fellow ghoul and Marilyn Manson band member Twiggy Ramirez lent his guitar and bass skills to 'Break You Down', 'I Sell Society' and the album's title track. 'Inside You' was used on the PS2 game Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder. Combining catchy stomps with some equally catchy choruses, there was also room for slower and ballad-type tunes- most notably 'Tired Old Man' and the closing 'I Hate Today'.

Consisting of Jason Miller on vocals and rhythm guitar, Mike Miller on lead guitar, Ullrich "Method" Hepperlin on bass and James O' Connor on drums, Godhead earned recognition from Ozzy Osbourne, who welcomed them onto the Second Stage of Ozzfest in the summer of 2001, and it helped '2000 Years...' sell over 100,000 copies in the US alone.

Posthuman would fold in 2002, leading Godhead to pen a deal with Reality Entertainment to release their next record 'Evolver' in 2003, and again the album would see sales go over the 100,000 mark; maintaining the band's mainstream appeal for a little longer at least. It was however, '2000 Years...' that gave Godhead their real momentum, led by their brooding cover of 'Eleanor Rigby' that, when nu metal was bringing out some interesting but excellent covers, gave the D.C. crew their greatest exposure.

 Godhead (2001)

Godhead (2001)

'2000 Years of Human Error' Track Listing-

1. The Reckoning 2. I Sell Society 3. Inside You 4. Sinking 5. Tired Old Man 6. Break You Down 7. Penetrate 8. Backstander 9. Eleanor Rigby 10. 2000 Years of Human Error 11. I Hate Today