Repentance Release Second Track in a Week with ‘Born to Choose’


After the hugely positive response to their debut track ‘Collide’ last week, modern metal behemoth’s Repentance have today released ‘Born to Choose’, which shows they have further weapons at their disposal.

Serious shred city, a dazzling guitar solo, an abundance of melody and more punishing vocal outbursts from Robby J. Fonts-  ‘Born to Choose’ is the ideal follow-up to convince fans that this Chicago-based band are indeed the real deal.

Make sure you catch the next HFTB podcast where we’ll be joined by the band’s guitarist Shaun Glass, who tells us about Repentance’s formation, what else they have planned in terms of new material, and he also takes a trip down memory lane to chat about his successful time in the nu metal scene with Soil. We’ll also be playing BOTH of Repentance’s storming tracks so don’t miss out, but for now, here is the link to listen to ‘Born to Choose’.

Repentance is: Robby J. Fonts (vocals), Markus Johansson (lead guitar), Shaun Glass (guitar), Mike Sylvester (bass), Anthony Lien (drums)