Mick Blankenship to Support Poison's Bret Michaels in July

Riding the wave of positive feedback from his debut solo album 'Crown of Apathy', US rising hard rocker Mick Blankenship has announced he will be supporting Poison legend Bret Michaels at J.D. Legends in Franklin, Ohio on July 28th.

Mick B.png

'Crown of Apathy' was produced by John Moyer- most famously known as being the bassist for megastars Disturbed, as well as being a part of Nu Metal favourites The Union Underground, supergroup Art of Anarchy and Geoff Tate's Operation: Mindcrime, and Blankenship's stellar first effort see's hard rock and alternative metal come to the fore on anthems such as 'Transcend the Machine', 'Eye for an Eye' and 'Love2hate'. 

We're sure you all know who Bret Michaels is but if you need a little reminder, just revisit hair metal heroes Poison's flawless debut album 'Look What the Cat Dragged In' from 1986- which propelled the band to multi-platinum status and also earned themselves recognition for their teary ballad 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn'.

It's sure to be an exciting show, so if you are in the Ohio area or even fancy an extended road trip, go and check out Mick and Bret and see them both rock the hell out, and Mick will also be returning to the stage to support Puddle of Mudd and Saving Abel for a couple of dates in August and November.

Mick B 2.jpg

'Crown of Apathy' is out now and is also available on Spotify and iTunes.