Nu Metal Encyclopedia to be Released June 15

The fully-revised version of ‘Nu Metal Resurgence’ will be officially released on Friday 15 June.

Originally put out in the summer of 2017, the book’s author and HFTB co-owner Matt Karpe decided to go back and add further content to try and give the feel of an encyclopedia- documenting the historic movement from its very beginning, going right up to the present day to look at the bands who are bringing nu metal back in a contemporary way. 

 Front cover designed by fellow HFTB co-owner Scott Neilson.

Front cover designed by fellow HFTB co-owner Scott Neilson.

‘Nu Metal Resurgence’ features over 100 fully-detailed bios of the bands that helped bring nu metal to the masses the first time around, as well as over 40 members of ‘The Nu Breed’ which include the likes of DED, Dirty Machine, Frontstreet, Tides of Ire, REdEFIND and more, plus in depth essays on the original scene’s chart domination and it’s collaboration with rap and hip-hop artists. 

There are also a plethora of exclusive interviews, all of which give great insights into being in a band at the height of the nu metal explosion, as well as some rare and unheard stories- from the likes of Miguel Rascon (Coal Chamber), Mike Sarkisyan (Spineshank), Jarrod Montague (Taproot), Amir Derakh (Orgy), Fallon Bowman (Kittie), Tye Zamora (Alien Ant Farm), Robb Rivera (Nonpoint), Erik Rogers (Stereomud), Joshua Toomey (Primer 55), Shaun Glass (Soil), Brian Barry (One Minute Silence), Mark Mynett (Kill II This), Jon Greasley (Apartment 26); as well as a mega-exclusive interview with the legendary producer Ross Robinson, who talks in great and passionate detail about working with bands such as Korn, Slipknot and Machine Head.

Noah “Shark” Robertson (ex-Motograter and owner of Zombie Shark Records) has written the foreword for the book, and with over 105,000 words to get through, ‘Nu Metal Resurgence’ is finally ready to fulfill all nu metal fans needs for a collective documentation of one of the most groundbreaking movements in the history of rock and metal music.

Both paperback and hardback copies are available, with GDP pricing at £13 for paperbacks and £20 for hardbacks- postage will be added on top.

Pre-orders are available by contacting Matt on his personal Facebook page or the HFTB Facebook page- all copies will be personally signed, and the book will be available on the bookstore from the 15 June (paperback only).