Barmetal Clothing to Sponsor HFTB

We’re extremely excited to announce that the “Clothes for Rockstars” company Barmetal is to sponsor HFTB.


The Swiss brand started out in 2008 and has been supplying merchandise to some of the biggest rockstars over the years, and has recently branched out with sneaker heels, boardshorts and leggings, with its 10 year anniversary fast approaching; and already the clothing has been sold in stores in over 21 different countries worldwide.

Scroll through their “Friends” section on their website and you will see the likes of Ray Luzier (Korn), Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) and Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust) all proudly wearing some insane Barmetal designs, along with fellow up-and-comers and previous special guests on HFTB DED, Dirty Machine and Keychain all sporting classic tees- proving that Barmetal is indeed the premier rockstar clothing brand.  


Ray Luzier


Joe Cotela (DED)


David Leach (Dirty Machine) 

As HFTB and Barmetal joins forces, expect sparks to fly over the course of 2018 and beyond, and with huge special guest announcements to come in the next few weeks which will see our podcast take it to the next level, we hope you join the ride as two Nu Metal-influenced brands aim to bring you the best music, interviews and clothing to fulfill all your heavy needs.

For now, visit for your next set of merch, and continue following HFTB on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to see what comes next.