Reviewed: Tides of Ire 'Deadline'

After an impressive debut EP last year ('The Burning Sea'), Kent's Tides of Ire are back with their follow-up 'Deadline', where the quintet cement their place alongside the best of the nu-influenced metal bands that are out right now.

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The first thing that is noticeable is the stellar production work, which emphasises the band's dedication to the cause- making them sound even huger on this EP than first anticipated.

After the moody spoken-word intro builds up just in time for 'Fleshwound', you can tell that Tides of Ire have really found their feet, and the first full song welcomes some groovy riffs and a pummelling drum section. Largely sung with clean deliveries, although moments of anger force through too, 'Fleshwound' is a tasty slab of metal that is rounded off by a superb guitar solo.

'Tension' follows in similar fashion with muscle and raw power, before 'Release' features some fine rap vocals, a hint of grunge amongst the metallic guitar work, a strong chorus and some dominating drum beats; in fact this song is guarenteed to go down well in the live environment.

Next comes the standout moment, as 'At the Gates' dazzles upon introduction, explodes upon a second's notice, and becomes a fully-fledged rap metal stormer that brings to mind the likes of Body Count and Powerflo with its hardcore backing. It's a great addition that underlines Tides of Ire's progression, and 'Ashes' proves to be a good choice of closer with plenty of catchy guitar licks and a vocal that includes some venomous spews.

The Brits cite Rage Against the Machine, Limp Bizkit, Gojira and Parkway Drive amongst their influences, and this is a pretty spot on way to describe Tides of Ire. You get a little bit of each of these bands throughout the track list, with 'Deadline' being a strong and rewarding EP produced by a bunch of immensely talented musicians. In some ways this feels like the release that, if there is any justice, should see the band move up to the next level. Impressive.

 Tides of Ire L-R: Leonardo Ozorio (Drums), James Daniel Harper (Guitar), Mark Wills (Vocals), Sam Alldridge (Bass), Matt Kateley (Guitar)

Tides of Ire L-R: Leonardo Ozorio (Drums), James Daniel Harper (Guitar), Mark Wills (Vocals), Sam Alldridge (Bass), Matt Kateley (Guitar)

'Deadline' is released Friday June 22, on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and Amazon Music. Visit for more information.

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