My Secret Circus are Here to Cause a Stir

Australian rap rockers My Secret Circus have announced themselves with an explosive and humourous video for their debut track ‘The War Game’ .

After the recent meetings between two of the most crazy and potentially dangerous leaders in the world, My Secret Circus poke fun at Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, as well as Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin and a Zombie Bin Laden in a riotous promo video that accompanies a song that packs an infectious punch, bringing to mind the classic Nu Metal era. Just listen to The instantly catchy chorus and you’ll be singing this unapologetically for a very long time.


Discussing the song and video, MSC said “We really wanted to do something that’s happening now. ‘The War Game’ track is tough, strong and makes a statement about a real life war that’s happening now, which we don’t see as we go about our every day lives. Where on the other hand the video has the quirky side. (No world leaders were hurt in the making of the video) haha! It’s a piss take for those with a sense of humour but the song is very serious.” 

My Secret Circus’ debut EP ‘The War Game’ is out soon via Hangry Records, however the title track is now available on iTunes and Spotify. 

You can watch the excellent video below. 

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