Reviewed: Nonpoint 'X'

Last year, Nonpoint announced they were taking a break, leading most to presume the band were simply going away to recharge their batteries, but secretly the quintet were already beginning work on their latest album, their tenth studio album- aptly titled 'X'.

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2017 also saw Nonpoint's 20th anniversary. 20 years since the band's trailblazing debut album 'Statement' did exactly that, with the rip-roaring single 'What a Day', and listening to them today it's impossible to deny the freshness that Elias Soriano (vocals), B.C. Kochmit (guitar), Rasheed Thomas (guitar), Adam Woloszyn (bass) and Robb Rivera (drums) still have (of course, this isn't the original line-up from their outset), as well as the passion, commitment and drive to continue making bruising heavy rock, rap metal, alternative metal, hard rock... whatever you want to label the music Nonpoint make- if you can label it at all.

Apparently, all ten tracks were laid down in just 22 days, alongside producer Fred Archambault who clearly got the best out of each member, because 'X', although it combines elements of each of Nonpoint's previous releases, easily fits in as one of the band's best records to date.

From the opening crunch of 'Empty Batteries' where it's confirmed Soriano's formidable vocal spews are as good as ever before, to the catchier moments of 'Fix This', 'Feel the Way I Feel' and the perfect album closer of 'Position One'- no stone has been left unturned as Nonpoint effortlessly justify their year of silence.

'Chaos and Earthquakes' and 'Dodge Your Destiny' have already been released, both showing raw metallic power with thrashy drum sections and fist-pumping choruses, while 'Wheel Against Will' has a feel of RATM-meets-Avenged Sevenfold with some Morello-styled guitar wizardry and a dazzling solo.

This is possibly one of the heaviest Nonpoint records ever released, however the moments of slightly lighter musings are nonetheless engrossing. 'Fix This' (the third track to be released) is probably the catchiest song which is driven by a murky bassline and at times a slight grunge feel, and Soriano's cleaner harmonious vocals are simply sublime, while 'Feel the Way I Feel' is funk-laden with some juicy and delicate guitar rhythms.

'Position One' is, as mentioned before, the perfect way to finish the album- combining all that has come before to offer one final Nonpoint rock-out where the chugging riffs drive the track along head-first into a glorious singalong chorus. Listen to the bluesy-turned-space rock guitar solo too which is absolutely killer.

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Nonpoint have been somewhat of a cult favourite in their home country since their inception, and it would be great to see them rewarded further afield in Europe, so hopefully now is the time for that to happen because 'X' is an extremely consistent record that contains huge refrains, haunting and hypnotic melodies and signature grooves that made the band's discography exactly what it is.

Nonpoint are On Point with album number ten.

'X' is released on August 24 via Spinefarm.

You can pre-order the album and special bundles at, on iTunes, pre-save 'X' on Spotify, and we're sure plenty of your local record stores will also be stocking the album upon its release. For further information on the band, visit


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