Frontstreet Release Spooky Music Video for ‘Ghost Town’

Personal favourites of HFTB- Dutch rap metal crew Frontstreet have just released their brand new music video for the single 'Ghost Town'- taken from their explosive debut album 'Reality Check', which came out last September.

Ghost Town Cover Art.jpeg

The track was written about the band's hometown of Lelystad, a fairly large but rather strange town located about an hour from the nation's capital, Amsterdam. HFTB were invited over to Lelystad for the launch of 'Reality Check' and we got to see first-hand exactly what Frontstreet talk about in the song, where after around 6pm (for us it was a Saturday), Lelystad literally does become a ghost town.

With some hauntingly ambient guitar rhythms backing up expertly delivered rap vocals, 'Ghost Town', although being the softest track on the record, still became a highlight, and now with a video to stand alongside it, fans get to see the quintet's best visual display to-date.

L-R: Jessy Pattynama (drums), Martijn Huijskes (vocals), Mitchel Pelgrim (samples/vocals), Remy Dovianus (guitar), Wilmar Klein (bass)

L-R: Jessy Pattynama (drums), Martijn Huijskes (vocals), Mitchel Pelgrim (samples/vocals), Remy Dovianus (guitar), Wilmar Klein (bass)

The location for the video is being kept under wraps although we can confirm it wasn't filmed in Lelystad, but still it's shocking to see somewhere like this in such a dilapidated state- not that it's uncommon these days. "The village is just as abandoned as it shows in the video," begins Martijn Huijskes- the band's vocalist, "Surprisingly, a handful of people are still living there."

This rendition of 'Ghost Town' is a radio edit, and it's also slightly heavier than the album version, and Martijn told us why they switched things up a bit, "We made the song shorter because the original length is too long for a music video. While we were editing the radio edit we heard some things we could improve, and it sounded better to us."

It's been nearly a year since the release of 'Reality Check' and slowly but surely, Frontstreet are reaching further afield than their native homeland. Inspired by the likes of Linkin Park and other classic nu metal bands, it's not surprising that nu metal forums across various social media platforms have nothing but positive things to say about the band, but there is still a long way to go to get to where they really want to be, "People still find out about us every day, and our album," Martijn starts, "we sent out our first physical copy of 'Reality Check' to Japan this week. We're still growing as a band and hopefully this video will help us grow more of a fan base."

Celebrating a rip-roaring performance opening up for Hollywood Undead

Celebrating a rip-roaring performance opening up for Hollywood Undead

The last 12 months have been a great platform for better things, with a debut album under their belt, sharing stages with nu metal heroes Crazy Town and mega popular rap rockers Hollywood Undead, and only last month Frontstreet played the aftershow of Limp Bizkit's sold out visit to Amsterdam's AFAS Live arena, so things are certainly going in the right direction- but what comes next? "There will be another music video off of the album and at the moment, we are working hard on new material. We can't say anything about this but it will blow the first album away!"

The 'Ghost Town' video was shot by Fully Loaded Visuals and you can watch it below.

‘Reality Check' and the radio edit of 'Ghost Town', plus the excellent standalone single 'Don't Cry' are available now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can pick up a physical copy of Frontstreet's debut album by visiting now.

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