Reviewed: The Protest 'Legacy'

If you have followed The Protest from the beginning then you will know that something special has been brewing for some time now, but for those of us who have only recently discovered the Indiana quartet, then their third album ‘Legacy’ is a phenomenal introduction to the hard rock outfit.

With Christian rock influences also included, The Protest have delivered a stunning guitar-driven rock record which on occasion also brings some punishing alternative metal to the table, giving ‘Legacy’ a feel of a band who have finally hit their stride and reaching their true potential.

The popular singles ‘Noise Revolution’ and ‘What Else You Got?’ are the go-to tracks- both containing stadium-sized choruses that are simply perfect for modern rock radio, while the likes of the opening ‘Valor’, ‘To the Death’ and the title track deliver metallic stomps that are emphasised by some stellar production work.

‘Straight from the Barrel’ has some nice blues-tinged guitar work that also contains a helluva lot of groove, and the customary ballad ‘Take My Heart’ shows a slightly softer side to The Protest with some 80s style synth backings behind a forceful guitar lead.

There may only be ten tracks here, but not one second is wasted as The Protest deliver one of the hard rock albums of the year, with frontman Josh Bramlett’s vocal diversity really excelling, as does his brother Jarob with some emphatic drum sections. The guitar duo of Adam Sadler (lead) and TJ Colwell (rhythm) also work cohesively to deliver riff after riff of raw power and energy- underlined by the closing ‘Bad Self/Ascension’ which has a glorious finale of epic instrumentation that is topped off by another brilliant guitar solo.

Following the 2012 album ‘Game Changer’ and ‘Great Lengths’ from 2014, The Protest have stepped up to the plate to show that their time is indeed now, and with ‘What Else You Got?’ continuing to take over rock radio and climb charts across the US, ‘Legacy’ may sound like a swansong, but in fact this is a charge for the spotlight with a great record made with effortless ease. 

‘Legacy’ is out on July 13 via Rockfest Records.

Check out the video for 'What Else You Got?' below.

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