Five Up-and-Coming Nu Metal Bands You Should Hear Now

Here is another selection of bands that are bringing Nu Metal back in their own way, as more and more bands are coming through from all over the globe, intent on trying to bring the glory days back of this wonderful scene.


Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Pigweed are a bruising ensemble that combine alt metal, hard rock, hardcore and touches of hip-hop to create a punishing sound. Originally forming in 2009, the six-piece are now earning recognition on the back of their self-titled debut record which was released in March.

If you like your metal with a helluva lot of groove, muscle and raw power, then check out the band's latest video 'Fake For Now' below.


With a sound the band have called "Hood Grunge", check out Dallas natives Unity-TX who combine hardcore instrumentation and hip-hop vocals, with fantastic results. The quartet released their debut mixtape 'The Besides' in 2016 and then last year dropped the highly catchy 'Mothersucka' single which as of this time, best showcases what the Texans are all about. If you like that rap edge to your metal, then this band will be right up your street.

A Friend, A Foe

Another fine addition to the Nu-Metalcore scene, AFAF come out of Las Vegas and provide crunching riffs, subtle melodies and rap-ish scream vocals. slightly similar to early Sylar, this band followed up their 2015 EP 'Face Value' with 2017 short play 'The Risk in Playing It Safe’, before unleashing a brand new song called 'Rat' earlier this year, and it's an absolute ripper.

Currently unsigned, expect that to change very quickly as the Nevada quartet begin their ascension.

Between Now and Forever

Albany, New York finds Between Now and Forever spreading their wings with a mix of metalcore heaviness with hard rock anthemics. A debut EP in 2017 called 'Burdens' introduced people to what the five-piece had to offer, then BNaF upped the ante in April with their explosive new single 'No More Pain' which includes an infectious chorus that will stay in your head for days. Throw in honest and relatable lyrics, and you get a bit of an old school nu metal feel amongst a contemporary and simply awesome sound.

In July the band released a cover of Slipknot's 'Duality' which is definitely worth listening to, but our pick is 'No More Pain', so check it out right now.

Everybody Panic!

Everybody Panic! originally started out in 2012 and released their self-titled EP in 2013, a follow-up six-track in 2015 ('Attack'), with both displaying bruising hard rock, but the Oklahoma City quartet have really found their calling this year- releasing three phenomenal singles- 'Dead Heroes', 'Bullets' and 'Power and Pain'. Adding some nice electronics to the mix, Everybody Panic! are gaining in popularity, and having already shared stages with the likes of Five Finger Death Punch and Deftones, expect this band's stock to rise before the year is out.

Check out these bands, buy or stream their music, and give them some love on social media, because all five bands that we’ve chosen this time around deserve support and heightened exposure. 




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