Reviewed: The Veer Union ‘Decade II: Rock & Acoustic’

Like a lot of bands, The Veer Union have had their fair share of ups and downs since they started out in the first part of the new millennium, but the Vancouver hard rockers have fought through and to celebrate a decade since their first studio album, their ‘Decade II: Rock & Acoustic’ compilation signals an intent on finding a light at the end of an often very long and bleak tunnel.  


The first half rock heavy and the second tender and emotive, you get to hear two different sides of The Veer Union and the band’s brainchild (and only original member) Crispin Earl, who without doubt has one of the best voices in modern rock. 

The opening salvo of ‘Living Not Alive’ and ‘Save Yourself’ are two of the best songs of the band’s career to date, showing impassioned hard rock with powerful melodies, all leading up to arena-sized choruses which, given the chance, could dominate radio airwaves all around the globe.  

The anthems keep coming with the likes of ‘City of the Sun’ and the blistering ‘Man Into Machine’, in fact with its combination of new songs and revisits of past glories, the eight ‘rock’ tracks on their own would make this a strong album.  


Then comes a couple of covers that lead us into the acoustic half, beginning with a rollicking and contemporary rendition of the Faith No More classic ‘Epic’, given a different slant that is intriguing to hear, however it will certainly divide rock fans firmly down the middle. Next comes the already insanely popular acoustic take of Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’- released as a tribute to the late Chester Bennington, marking one year since his untimely passing. Stripped down and tugging at the heartstrings from the off, Earl’s vocals will no doubt bring a tear to many an eye of those that listen, nonetheless it is a fitting ode to a sure-to-be legend of the rock and metal world.

’Living Not Alive’ and ‘Save Yourself’ return for quieter versions, as does previously unmentioned numbers such as ‘Embrace the Day’ and ‘Awaken’, but in truth ‘Decade II...’ is a great album throughout, that justifies The Veer Union’s fight to keep overcoming adversity in a bid for consistency and some level of success.

Deservedly, with multiple Top 40 singles in America and over 20 million streams worldwide, The Veer Union have reached such level, and when ‘Decade II...’ drops, expect those statistics to rise even more. 

The Veer Union is- 

Crispin Earl- vocals,  

Dan Sittler- lead guitar, backing vocals

Ryan Ramsdell- rhythm guitar

Ricardo Viana- drums

The video for ‘Numb’ can be seen below. 

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