Rocking with Faith: Introducing Poetic Descent

With more and more bands coming out every week, it’s becoming increasingly harder to get your music noticed, to stand out from the crowd, to be given the chance to show what you can actually do.

With the likes of Spotify and iTunes giving upstarts a platform to get their songs out there for people who want to listen, the tools are in place for foundations to be laid, and one band whose foundations are becoming solidified more intensely is Poetic Descent- who stand firmly by their beliefs whilst creating some stirring yet raucous tunes that leaves you wondering “Where the hell did that come from?”

Forming out of the ashes of Mayfly- Dayton, Ohio duo Jared Lacey and Adam Thompson are Poetic Descent, and what you get is soaring rhythms on top of pounding drum sections with vocals both harmonious and in the next breath utterly destructive.

Combining alternative metal, hard rock and elements of post-hardcore, the band has only been going just over a year, as Jared discusses, “Mayfly already had studio time booked at the Darkroom Recording Studio in Piquia, Ohio at the time of their breakup, so I decided to use that studio time to record a few songs I had originally written for Mayfly’s full-length album; and (then) form a new project with Adam.”

Jared sings, plays guitar and bass, while Adam dominates the drums, and they cite Project 86, Every Time I Die, Blindside, Beartooth and Norma Jean as their main influences, while Jared’s faith also provides a just-as-important influence to the lyrical content. “I have never been that great at expressing my thoughts verbally, so writing my thoughts down has always been a good alternative for me. The things that are most important to me are often expressed through written word and sometimes these words become lyrics to my songs.”

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On the Christian side of his values, Jared feels compelled to unashamedly show how strong his faith is without ever threatening to pressure listeners into doing the same, “My relationship with God is the most important thing in my life and I want to share that with anyone who is willing to listen. I won’t say I make it a point to preach in every song I write. I do write lyrics about fun things like TV shows and movies I like, but my Christian values often shine through the majority of the lyrics because it’s who I am. I strive daily to further find my identity in Christ.”

Poetic Descent have released six songs in a three month period that began at the end of March this year, and each track has found the band finding more of a foothold. ‘Close Encounter’ introduced listeners with a decent alt metal stomp, before the likes of ‘Martyrs’ and ‘Fragile Frame’ brought the post-hardcore tendencies to the front- with fairly explosive results.

Two songs in April, two in May and then latest release ‘Identity’ in June, Jared explains why he wanted to take this route rather than putting out a full EP, “Very few people listen to complete albums anymore with how much music is available to us online, especially multiple songs from new bands. I thought it would be a good idea to spread out the release dates because it would give people more time to digest and appreciate them instead of trying to serve the whole meal at once. I kind of wished we had spread the releases out even further now, maybe one song a month- that way we would’ve released something new once a month for half a year.”

The beauty of standalone singles also means you get different artwork for each release, and each one for the six Poetic Descent tracks is eye-catching and impactful, but if you are simply here for the music, Jared tells us why people should check out the Ohio hotshots, “Poetic Descent is a band for people who enjoyed the rock/metalcore/alternative/post-hardcore bands of the past decade, but are looking for more evolved versions of that sound. We write about serious issues like addiction, domestic abuse, homosexuality, martyrdom and the existence of God, and we believe it’s important to be honest about the negative realities of this world, but also share the hope we’ve found in the person of Jesus Christ.”

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Poetic Descent plan to release another new single by the end of the year, with a potential first music video to follow early in 2019.

‘Close Encounter’, ‘Consuming’, ‘Martyrs’, ‘Fragile Frame’, ‘Paperthin Walls’ and ‘Identity’ are all available now on Spotify and iTunes.

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