Reviewed: Neshiima ‘Orange’

Following up their impressive first EP ‘Purple’ from earlier in the year, the second instalment of a planned EP trilogy see’s British quartet Neshiima step things up with the sensational ‘Orange’.  


Neshiima originally started out with tech metal influences, and while some of this still lurks underneath, today’s sound comes across more as a lethal dose of rap metal, surrounded by absorbing synth and electronics; and while a lot of bands are going down this path in the last few years (Papa Roach, Korn, Linkin Park), somehow Neshiima make it sound much more appealing and a helluva lot more ‘real’ than many a bigger band have.

The opening ‘Feel It’ is the ideal choice of lead single (released a few weeks back) but it’s a more subtle-paced anthem that finds the Scots completely at home with a style moulded around them, however it’s the absolutely incredible ‘Prologues’ where the band comes of age. 

Seasoned rapping from Liam Hesslewood drives the track along before a stirring chorus with singalong capabilities and explosive melodies really finds Neshiima at the top of their game. There’s even room for a few meaty roars and the heavy guitar work and pulsating drum sections see’s ‘Prologues’ become one of, if not THE best song Neshiima have ever produced to date. The word ‘Epic’ was created for songs like this.

After the ‘MMJ’ interlude, we go straight into ‘The Forfeit’ which again packs a hefty punch as the momentum continues, before the second highlight comes in the form of ‘Player One’.

In another review of ‘Orange’ I saw this song being compared to Fightstar (Charlie from Busted’s heavier and rather excellent band) and I completely agree, especially in the chorus as Hesslewood’s impassioned vocals really showcase his talents perfectly. Again, the instrumentation is right on the money, with just enough synth to avoid suffocating the rest of the music, and it comes to a point where you think “This band deserves to be bigger and heard by a lot more people”. 

And then comes another banger- remixed and amped up after originally being released as a stand-alone single last year, ‘Vivid’ sounds just as good now as it did back then (maybe even better?) as it closes the EP with another powerhouse anthem and a sure-fire live favourite. 

L-R: Ross Cloughley (g), Danny Cameron (d), Craig Rankin (b), Liam Hesslewood (v) 

L-R: Ross Cloughley (g), Danny Cameron (d), Craig Rankin (b), Liam Hesslewood (v) 

‘Purple’ was a great EP, but ‘Orange’ is special. It shows a band in full experimental mode while still including sounds that first brought them to the dance. Riff heavy, synth heavy, rock heavy, Neshiima have set the bar very high with their second EP of three, but what a great problem it is to have.  

Neshiima embark on a tour throughout October with stops in Leicester, Workington, Newcastle, Birmingham, Leeds and Derby- check out the band’s official Facebook page for dates and ticket information. Also visit for everything else Neshiima-related.

’Orange’ is out now on Spotify, iTunes and other online platforms, with physical copies also soon to be available.  


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